Comprehensive Sports Court Installation Services

Find new court installation in Palmetto, FL

Do you want to turn your backyard into a professional play court? Let Stewart Tennis Courts & Fencing, Inc. install a sports court in your backyard without any hassle.

You can have home court advantage when you install a play court in your own backyard. Forget the long waits at public courts and enjoy an impromptu game of basketball or tennis on your own property!

Excellent Lighting Options for Various Sport Courts

  • Grass volleyball court
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Pickleball court
  • Bocce ball court
  • Play court
  • Shuffleboard court

Step-By-Step Court Installation

From digging your backyard to the application of concrete and asphalt, we'll take care of all the steps required to install your play court. We also sell athletic accessories from reputable brands like Laykold and Putterman.

Whether you want to install a tennis court or a volleyball court in your backyard, our team of skilled professionals will ensure your requirements and met!

Sports Court Repairs

Want to repair your damaged court? Turn to us. We can fix any kind of damage on your play court or most any court. You'll be happy to know our new tennis courts and fences come with a GUARANTEE.

What's more? We provide a guarantee , depending on the surface of your sports court. Call 941-746-7718 to schedule an appointment with us for your sports court installation.